Our Service

During the last decade german graphics could establish a worldwide network of contacts cherishing a regular exchange with manufacturers and other dealers.
All incoming information is recorded in an internal data system ...

In case of sale or purchase we offer to do the dismantling of a machine with out technician team directly at its location.
At first we do a stocktaking of the condition of the machine. Then we dismantle the machine ...

With our trucks, which bring a fork-lift of a capacity until 14t, we offer to do the transport by ourselves.
For sea and air freight we dispose of excellent contacts to transporters ...

Reconditioning of machines
During the last years one department of geman graphics has specialised in reconditioning machines. We proceed as follows:
In case of complete reconditioning at first we do a stocktaking of the machine’s condition, if possible at its actual location. ...

Reconditioning of rollers
Another department of german graphics has specialised in reconditioning folding rollers. This service includes the option of local dismantling and installation.
Therefore we dispose of a special Service-car, ...

Dry Ice cleaning
This kind of cleaning uses dry ice pellets for the cleaning of surfaces.
As soon as the CO2 pellets meets the surface, it will be cooled and the sticking pollution ...

Reconditioning of pressure vacuum pumps
Before our technicians are able to recondition a pressure vacuum pump they have to determine its actual condition.
For it the technicians dismantle the pump, check the rotor and change the bearings. At oil lubricates ...

Exchanging of modules for perfect binder and saddle stitchers
Your machine needs a repair or a recondition? You would like to upgrade your machine?
Due to regular reconditioning of several types of machines in our company we have a large number of ...

Upgrading of cutting machines with new cut computers
Upgrading of cutting machines with new cut computers incl. updating on the latest security standards.
As a further service we offer you the upgrade of cutting machines with new cut computers. In this way ...

Machine maintenance
On the today's market, where it is not rare to have a
24-h-production, everyone knows the problem of neglecting the service in order to avoid the machines standing idle. That's the reason why there ...

Bringing into service and training
The team of german graphics technicians installs machinery in any part of the world and bring it into service.
The machine is taken to its place, assembled component by component ...

Company's removals
During a tour of your company we establish the volume of removal. We advise you and either look together with you for a suitable possibility or represent you a draft made by us. We are very well equipped for a ...

The close relationship with manufacturers, like Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, MAN Roland, Müller Martini, Kolbus, Stahl,
Polar or Wohlenberg allows a constant development and guarantees that the german graphics Team ...

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